Want To Scale Your Online Store Revenue and Increase Return On Ad Spend?

Dear Business Owner,

Are you dissatisfied with your current return on ad spend from your ad campaigns?

What would it mean for your business, if for every dollar you spent,

You got 3X, 5X Or even 10X your investment in website conversion even with the current iOS 15 updates?

What difference will it make if you break through your stock revenue range by 20%, 50% or double increase?

Sounds too good to be true?

Let me introduce you to the Flywheel Acquisition System.

It’s the most basic strategy you have seen or heard of...

But so powerful it can drastically fetch you customers consistently...

Increase revenue and improve your customer retention rate and build loyal brand customers.

Whatever your goal is, this system is designed to overcome the following frustrations:

  • Not being able to break through your business revenue.
  • Inconsistent flow of orders and low customer retention rate.
  • Relying on referral for the next sale.
  • No clear strategy on how to take advantage of peak sales periods.

This is for E-com business owners who crave the satisfaction of watching multiple orders roll in while spending quality time with family as opposed to worrying endlessly about how to sustain consistent sales.

The Flywheel Acquisition system gives you a clear idea of what to do next in your business to keep orders evergreen, so your biggest concern is keeping up with inventory…

So, let’s say we took charge of your best selling product that cost N15,000 and it costs you N2,000 - N5,000 to sell that product…

With the Flywheel Acquisition System, you have a clear idea of how much it costs you to get one customer and how much you’ll need to spend to multiply your results 3x, 5x, 20x or even 100x…

That way, you can predict with significant levels of accuracy how much revenue you’d generate in any given period.

You’d also get a backend system that helps convince customers to buy more than one product so you’re making more revenue from every customer.

Which is what we did for a skincare brand…

Increasing their average customer value to from N10,000 to N31,093  and every customer buys at least 2 - 3 times.

This EXACT system generated 122 orders for a fitness product priced at N75,000 (purchase value of N9,150,000.00) at 25.37X ROAS in the first month.

WE SCALED TO 263 orders (purchase value of N19,725,000.00) for the same product in the 2nd month.

There’s more…

In the case of this Jewellery brand, we achieved 4.51 ROAS.

For another in the fashion industry we made almost 500K 3 days after their online store launch.

Why This Strategy?

In the last 6 months, we have managed over N10,000,000 in ad spend for clients across multiple niches including health and fitness, fashion, automobiles and skincare perfecting this strategy.

Our promise is simple…

You’d get more customers and purchases than you have done in the last 30 days or we work for free until we achieve the target.

Again, this is for you if you crave the satisfaction of watching multiple orders roll in...

While spending quality time with family as opposed to worrying endlessly about how to sustain consistent sales…

You already have an Ecommerce website and you’re currently running Facebook and Instagram ads but aren’t selling as many units as you’d hope!

BONUSES You'll get While Working With Us:

  • On-Call Live Ad Audit To Increase Your Return Of Ad Spend
  • Customer Win Back Follow-up Sequence To Recover Lost Sales 
  • Increasing your Overall Website Conversion rate by at least 1 - 3% for all website visitor using out Proven Conversion Optimization Checklist


Will this work for my business type…?

I’m not certain we can even help you yet, which is why I’m opening a quick chat with me, where I can learn more about your business.

If there’s a chance we can help, then I’ll walk (not talk) you through exactly how this system will elevate your business and bring you more sales without having to lose time and money figuring it out yourself…

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